The Complete Greenhorn Guest Experience


The Complete Greenhorn Guest Experience

By The Wrangler

Life on a California Dude Ranch is a special blend of worry-free, in-the-moment wanderlust mixed with a wild zest for everyday adventure. High among the mountaintops in Plumas County and the Lost Sierra, Greenhorn Ranch is a destination resort for the whole family. Our fleet of trail-worthy horses is guided by a group of veteran wranglers, soft-spoken teachers and seasoned horsemen.

A family vacation experience within reach, our all-inclusive getaway is built to bring families closer together. Our guests gather to write their own stories and make new traditions. A place often called paradise, we guarantee your stay will be some of your favorite memories everlasting.

So what does a stay at Greenhorn Ranch look like? Here’s a sample itinerary of an all-inclusive dude-ranch vacation for a family of four:


Noon - Arrive at the Ranch, join other Greenhorns and Wranglers for lunch


Settle into your lodge room or cabin and prepare for your first riding lesson, then canter over to the Kitchen for lunch. Here, you’ll begin to see other travelers and seasoned riders or Greenhorns like yourself. Don’t forget to fill up your water bottle!


4:00 p.m. - Make your way to the Arena 

Meet the wranglers and test your equine knowledge. Newbies need not fear, we’re going to make sure you know just what to do before you hit the trail.

Explore the property and check out our weekly activity schedule to decide if you’ll skip a trail ride for a yoga class, if you’ll make it onto a mountain bike this trip, or when you might fit in some pool time to read your anticipated vacation novel.


6:00 p.m. Dinner

Return to the kitchen for a modest dinner with the ranch staff and fellow Greenhorns. Our seasoned chef is ready to accommodate your dietary needs. Every stay at the Greenhorn includes three meals per day.

7:30 p.m. Grab a long-awaited Drink at the Saloon

Grab a beer or try one of our signature cocktails and unwind before relaxing by the bonfire for s’mores under the stars.



Cowboy Breakfast is served promptly from 7:00 - 9:00 a.m. daily. The wranglers and our staff have been hard at work to make your stay amazing for hours already and are ready to greet you over a cup of coffee with your favorite fixins, just tell us what you need so we can prepare your perfect morning routine.



9:00 a.m. Optional Trail Ride

For the early risers, the morning trail ride is a great way to explore the adventure ahead for your stay. With thousands of miles of trail to explore, we will be sure to give you a taste of why the Lost Sierra is California’s best kept secret.


11:30 a.m. Lunch

Lunch is served daily. From world famous ranch burgers to house made dressing and a fresh salad, we have hearty meals to satisfy the weariest riders.


12:30 p.m. Poolside Nap

Our swimming pool overlooks the arena and stables and is connected to our saloon and billiards room. The pool deck gives way to our sweeping lawn and sees sun most of the day. Steps away, you can dry off to play lawn games or watch the horses get saddled up for the next trail ride.




4:00 p.m. Load up for the Chuckwagon Dinner.

Get back in the saddle for a gorgeous trot to a trailside dinner prepared by our chef and staff in the woods only accessible by horseback or wagon. For those ready for a break from the saddle, you can load into the wagon.

The chuckwagon dinner brings our guests together. Generations of friends have communed under the canopy of firs and pines creekside for this famous Greenhorn tradition.

Turn in, stop by the saloon, roast s’mores or go to bed. Greenhorn’s choice!

chuckwagon dinner-1.jpg





Sleep in!

Grab your partner and find a trail to tour on your own time, by foot or by bike. We have thousands of miles of trail for your personal explorations.



Today’s an ideal day to bring the kids to the kiddie corral or set them off with any of our experienced staff for an array of activities to get a little alone time. Tonight, we host the Children’s Dinner on the Lawn so we can also host a more romantic Candlelight Dinner for Adults.

After dinner, we can all come back together to explore the ranch through our all-hands Scavenger Hunt. It’s a sure way to induce some belly laughs and loosen things up with your new ranch friends before you get on stage and sing your heart out for Karaoke.




Today, our on-site bow hunter will give everyone a lesson in the basics of archery. Kids can channel their Katniss Everdeen while parents let off a little steam in our archery center. Something you’ve come to love? We will work with you all week to fine tune your skills and help you get access to the bows at your leisure.

Later on, we’ll focus on the arts with nature for craft and game night.


Riding, archery, bravery and exploration skills mean nothing for the main event every Tuesday at twilight. Frog Catching is a tradition that ropes in anyone eager to wrangle some forest frogs with a little competitive spirit.





Brush off your boots for some good old fashioned Western fun today. A trailside lunch cookout gets the whole crew out a bit earlier for the middle of the week. We ride back in time to relax and enjoy the Greenhorn Rodeo Games - a long-time favorite among our repeat guests.

Cowboy softball always follows.


Take a day trip to Explore the Lost Sierra. The region’s countless lakes and creeks make for some stunning adventure. Our rich western history is easy to experience for yourself at any of the nearby museums.

Just be sure to be back for skeet shooting around 2:30.




We eat dinner al fresco every Thursday together just ahead of our Adios Party so we can all come together as a family and say goodbye to our new friends.



Choose your own adventure before you wander away. We hope you’ll come back and #wrangletoday with us again soon.






Alli Phillips