Device Free Family vacations

At Greenhorn Ranch, we know a thing or two about a technology detox. You’ll notice your cell signal slowly disappearing as you make your way up Greenhorn Ranch Road. The notifications that represent the hustle and bustle of your everyday life come to a halt and your left with nothing but beautiful views in front of you and the serene sound of nature around you. We want every family to experience an electronic-free vacation so that they can disconnect from technology and connect to what truly matters. To do so, we have 5 simple tips for an electronic-free family vacation that you can implement on your next getaway.

Be an Example

Whether you know it or not, your kids are watching everything you do and are constantly learning. If you truly want to have an electronic-free family vacation with your kids, you must first set the example for them. But it’s not good enough to just set the example - your actions must be consistent with it.

Set Screen-Free Times/Zones

If you in fact did bring your iPad, laptops, and tablets with you on vacation, make sure to set boundaries with your kids. Setting screen-free times is a great way for them to know that during the time of your choosing, all electronics must be put away and out of site. A few examples of when you may want to set screen-free times are during:

Families searching for a device free vacation can enjoy toasted marshmallows instead of WiFi at Greenhorn Ranch

Meals with the family

Day-time hours

Activities with the family

Once a full day of exploring and being out in nature has been experienced, we won’t judge if you let them use a little free WiFi.

Enjoying an escape to the wilderness will ensure your family can have a device free family vacation

Give an Incentive

If your kids respond well to challenges, games, and prizes, consider giving them incentive. Give a prize or surprise gift to the person who can disconnect from their device the longest. Mom and dad should be included in the challenge, as well.

Plan Your Day Ahead of Time

Having a plan in place ahead of time for your day will limit the down time that you spend trying to figure out your next activity. When there’s down time, it’s easy for kids to grab their phone or tablets to pass the time.

Include the Kids in Your Planning

This is a vacation that you want your kids to enjoy and remember, so make sure to include them in the planning process. Ask them what they would like to do and see. When kids are involved and excited about the family vacation, technology is usually the last thing on their minds. A successful family vacation is one that was enjoyed by each family member and you leave feeling closer and connected. Travel can serve as a much-needed “reset” for both you and your kids. So on your next family vacation, try implementing a few of these tips to experience a truly electronic-free family vacation.

Less screen time means more family time at Greenhorn Ranch
Alli Phillips