Our Team


Greenhorns from all over come back because of the incredible service and long-time friendships they build on the ranch. None of this would be possible if it weren’t for the experienced wranglers and dedicated staff who continue to return to Greenhorn Ranch year after year. These folks make up the fabric that is Greenhorn Ranch and we wouldn’t be here without them. Here are just a few of the characters every Greenhorn should know.


meet Lacey Behrens Dibble our General Manager

Seasoned professional hotelier and business consultant Lacey Behrens Dibble is Chief Wrangler of all things on the ranch. She says her astute business acumen has never been more challenged as it has on the ranch, but her unique history has never been such a fit. Before Lacey’s impressive resume was built among executives at major corporations fine tuning processes and spreadsheets, she was an avid horsewoman and performer. As a child, Lacey was a competitive equestrian vaulter and rodeo queen in the small town of Murrieta, California. She then attended UCI where she earned two degrees in Business Economics and International Business. She went on to earn an MBA at California Lutheran University and immediately began her career in business at the Westin Monarch Resort in Mammoth, California. Lacey honed her business skills through several business endeavors where she worked with the Greenhorn Partners in different capacities. She was running her own consulting firm, Embracing Modern, out of Bishop, California when they embarked on the Greenhorn Ranch experience and asked if she’d wrangle the project. Lacey had always dreamt of operating a dude ranch so the opportunity felt as though it were her calling. In fact, after some digging, she realized she’d been a Greenhorn since visiting as a small child. Filled with memories of making fast friends on the ranch, Lacey knew it was meant to be. She packed up her pony, Max for the biggest ride of their lives and is dedicating her life to helping everyone cultivate their cowboy, Greenhorn style.


Tyson Rael: AssistanT General Manager

Assistant General Manager Tyson Rael grew up in Yorba Linda, California. He was a professional fiddle player originally, and has played since he was eight, and toured with greats such as Buck Ford. Once in high school, he took an interest in horseback riding and began driving stagecoaches at Knott’s Berry Farm. He’s been at the ranch since 2009 and has worked in roles from maintenance to wrangler. When he’s not at the ranch, you can find him at the nearby hospital working as a certified EMT or working with the water district for the Greenhorn community. He’s also the chief of the Greenhorn Creek Volunteer Fire Department. Tired yet? He’s a new father to boot. He and his wife have dedicated their life to ranches throughout California. They began dating after working at Greenhorn Ranch together as wranglers in 2013. They were married at the ranch and had long-time Greenhorns as wedding guests.

Promoted to Assistant General Manager in July 2018, Tyson brings an incredible ability to lead by example to the ranch.

A true cowboy, Tyson says he’d be Sam Elliot.



martin "marty" orenstein: Head wrangler and corral manager

Whether you’re a seasoned rider or just climbing into the saddle for the first time, Marty will make sure you’ve got a comfortable seat during every ride at Greenhorn Ranch. With more than 40 years of experience as a wrangler, Marty has been a part of the Greenhorn Ranch family since 1979, when he first visited the ranch as a guest. Marty has done just about every ranch-related job there is, from shoeing and training horses to teaching lessons and preparing dinner at the Sunday cookout. One of the things Marty loves most about Greenhorn Ranch is that everyone gets a vacation, including mom and dad. “You can turn your kids loose here,” he says. Marty once dreamed of being a school teacher but didn’t love school quite enough. At Greenhorn Ranch, he says, he still gets to teach and everyone in his classes wants to be there.  “I don’t think of what I do as work. It’s more like a year ‘round summer camp,” says Marty. Marty has lived in more places than just about any other team member, so make sure you ask him about living in the Philippines, East Texas, New York and Southern California.

If Marty were any character? He’d be Captain Call from Lonesome Dove.


Jeremy “Drew” West: chef

A recent graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, the unsung hero of the ranch is Chef Drew West. Between cooking up trailside meals for dozens of Greenhorns, managing a crew of up to ten behind the scenes, and prepping for the next day’s meals or week’s barbeques, Drew rarely gets a break. When he does, he loves to golf, see live music, and watch sports. Growing up in the South, Drew has a knack for incredible - real - bar-b-que. After a (relatively) long and unfulfilling career in marketing, Drew fell in love with working in the kitchen. Working his way to pit boss at a Four Rivers in Tampa, Florida, he was hooked. He made his way to Napa Valley to attend the CIA before making his way to Greenhorn Ranch. His constant resourcefulness, creativity and ability to problem solve brings Greenhorns incredible cuisine in rural Plumas County. One of his favorite ranch dishes is ropo viejo tacos - a blend of his Cuban-influenced culinary roots and the West Coast cuisine he caters to daily.

If Drew were any fictional character, he says he’d be Winnie the Pooh.

“I like honey. We have the same body.”


Cynthia Carreon: Resort operations manager and wedding coordinator

Cynthia Carreon is our resident wedding planner and she loves working with brides and grooms to make their wedding beyond what they thought it could be. “We don’t have cookie-cutter weddings at Greenhorn Ranch.” she says. “The running of the horses, which happens as soon as the bride and groom say their “I do’s,” is absolutely astonishing,” says Cynthia, and “I still get teary every time.” Cynthia’s background is in social services, working with developmentally challenged adults, and her experience means she’s an excellent multi-tasker. “We have an amazing staff that truly cares about our guests and the experience they have.” If you want to learn more about how Cynthia and her team can bring your vision to life, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


If Cynthia were any character? She’d be M’Lynne Eaton (Sally Field) from “Steel Magnolias.”