Historic photos of Greenhorn Ranch, Quincy California

First worked by goat farmers during the Gold Rush, the land on which Greenhorn Ranch is built has a rich history that matches the American West. The lower parts of the property still house the goathouse where wagons would swing through to pick-up milk and cheese.

After that, Christmas tree farmers took over, harvesting the native firs to bring people together, a theme that seems to weave through this place our visitors call magical.

Greenhorn Ranch Lake 1962
Greenhorn Ranch Wranglers 1962

It wasn’t until 1962 that a group of wranglers and a wacky real estate investor decided to give it a try as a Dude Ranch. The stunning views and pristine surroundings inspired them to share the spirit of the west with visitors looking for something different, for a place to build tradition and memories together with their family, where the stars outshine city lights and the perfect s’more is still the most hotly debated issue.

That was the year Ralph Wilburn came to the property as a ranch hand. His dad, a ranch manager and purveyor, knew the investor and put his son to work. Ralph is a true cowboy. He takes pride in his work, works hard and lives humbly. He knows the horses, he’s worked the land, he’s served as the local fire chief and small business investor. He worked and lived on or near the ranch for decades. As the ranch grew, so did Ralph.

With 660 acres and access to 500,000 acres of public land for riding, 80+ horses, dozens of trails, relationships lasting for generations, and a ranch with more than 20 structures and dozens of rooms, Ralph has been a part of the ranch’s legacy from the start. He’s the reason people kept coming back, and he’s the reason this place has a spirit of its own.

Over the decades, the ranch has seen several owners and a lot has changed in the industry. Some things have stayed unapologetically the same. Ralph is one of those things. He and his wife Trish built the community at Greenhorn Ranch, from the locale to the loyal returning visitors. Theirs is the legacy we cherish and that drew us to the property.

In 2017, Ralph and Trish decided it was time to pass the baton and find someone who would be willing and able to carry on the legacy they built at the ranch. Some new investments and a fresh perspective was in order. A group of families banded together to make it happen. In March 2018, the newly designated Greenhorn Group closed escrow and broke ground on the first of a long list of renovations to uplift the historic property and carry on the spirit of Ralph.

Who are we? We are dads and husbands, wives and mothers, buckaroos and kids with a will to run free, city folk and mountain dwellers, business owners and fly fishers. Together, we are interested in seeing our families flourish and our relationships thrive. We are here to invest in our family and in yours. We value our tribes and spend our time intentionally. We hope you’ll join us.

“Love! That’s what this is all about. Everything we do is done in love and for love and with love.”

Ralph dedicated his life to his community and every Greenhorn who walked through the gates. He told us that if there’s one legacy he’d like to leave behind – that he only asks that we dedicate ourselves to keep love as our focus of all things at Greenhorn. Every action we take, every relationship we build is done in the spirit of Ralph, with love.

Ralph and Trish Wilburn of Greenhorn Ranch Quincy, California

At Greenhorn Ranch, it is our rich history and our past that informs the future we set out to build together. Our promise to you is to maintain the values upon which this community was built and we invite you to envision a future in which the legacy of the ranch can carry on its authentic glory with a few modern amenities.

In March 2018, Ralph and Trish Wilburn sold the Greenhorn Creek Guest Ranch, now simply Greenhorn Ranch, to us. Who are we? We are dads and husbands, city folk and mountain men, business owners and flyfishers with an interest in seeing more families flourish and more relationships thrive.

Historic Trail Ride picture of Guests at Greenhorn Ranch