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Greenhorn Ranch is a dude ranch tucked away in the mountains of Northern California’s remote Plumas County. Here history is alive and well. Cowboys and wranglers work with our 60-head herd of horses to ensure they’re healthy and trail worthy. Service is in their blood. Our ranch hands teach horse back riding lessons and guide guests on twice daily trail rides across our 600+-acre property. Our signature whiskey bar is the ideal place to get to know ranch life as it used to be. Connect with modern day wranglers and get a taste of real cowboy living here.


Welcome to your 600 acre playground. Horseback is our preferred mode of transportation and we want to show you why. Our wranglers are artists from decades past. They are real deal cowboys in the flesh. We love them and so will you. You can trust them to get you comfortable on horseback. They will show you what roping is, teach you to communicate with your horse, and guide you on gorgeous trail rides to stunning views. When the day is done, they’ll teach you rodeo games and tell tales from decades on trail.

Many more miles of trails await hikers and mountain bikers of every experience level and our fully stocked ponds have made many fishermen and fisherwomen. When you’re not chasing peaks, you can cut a rug or take a dip in the heated pool. Tired yet? Keep up or retreat to your private cabin and stare at the stars. Build your adventure as you like.

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Gathering is timeless. Tuning in can feel impossible. An effortless escape for celebrations of all sizes, Greenhorn Ranch brings people together through tradition and service. We have thought of everything so you don’t have to. A wedding everyone will remember, the reunion finally planned, the retreat demanding presence. Let’s retreat together.


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2116 Greenhorn Ranch Road, Quincy, CA 95971