"That nothing’s so sacred as honor and nothing’s so loyal as love."

– Wyatt Earp



Weddings today are less about building community and more about photo credibility. We are on a mission to change that. We are inspired by the stories told when friends from the far reaches of your lives connect with the long-lost family you wish you saw more of. Together, let’s indulge your family’s dream of spending time together. Our intimate space and outdoor playground is the ideal setting to celebrate your love. Our friends can taste whiskey and find breweries on mountain bikes, our kids can play in the pool and fish in the pond. At the end of each day, we’ll eat together and share stories over the campfire. Bring everyone together. Let us do the work. Our day-of wedding planners are ready to take on the quirks and comedy your family and friends muster.

We master the event so you can master the s’more with your spouse-to-be and your new family.


“It is those we live with and love and should know who elude us.”

– Norman Maclean


Family Reunions

Lost is the time when we gathered for a shared purpose, when we communed under the stars and truly connected across generations, with family near and far. Interruptions are far too easy in a normal setting. Escape to a place beneath the stars. Cell phone service is shoddy, WiFi works when you need it, and the campfire is stocked with enough s’mores sticks for everyone. Our accommodations can flex to meet the need of your extended family. We cook for you so everyone can enjoy the stay and relish the much-anticipated time together. We invite you to bring your family together. The greatest generations of your family worked hard to bring you up, let’s honor the ages with quality time and intention. Tradition is a mainstay on the Ranch. We like to do things as they once were done. Come together here and you’ll see what we mean.


"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress.
Working together is success."

– Henry Ford


Corporate Events

Time to bring the team together. Teams of all sizes can veer off. Distractions are readily served up in our day-to-day. The mission gets away with us when we’re inundated with the hustle bustle. The Wifi here works but you won’t be looking at your inbox for long. We get you outside, bring the guard down and help your team connect in a real way. Shared meals, trailside chats, high sun and horseback have a way to settle our busy minds and drown out the chatter. Allow us to help you find purpose together. Every corporate retreat has its own list of specific needs. We want to make this as easy and effortless for your team as possible.


For detailed information about group rates and event packages, please contact us.