About Us


Greenhorn Ranch is a premier guest ranch in Northern California’s Lost Sierra. Established in 1962, it hangs its hat on fostering families and new traditions. The long-time member of the Dude Ranch Association is driven to serve guests through Western hospitality, a warm welcome, real ranch living, and an unparalleled vacation experience. Catering to greenhorns from around the world, it guides families and vacationers on a genuine horse ranch experience with guided trail rides, horseback riding lessons, expert wranglers, stocked fishing ponds, and more. With 660 acres and access to over 500,000 acres of public lands for riding, more than 80-head horses trained for family riding, a staff of full-time wranglers and adventure seekers, Greenhorn Ranch is ready to be your guide. Cultivate your cowboy within.

"You can’t get that feeling anywhere else,” said Ralph Wilburn. He's right. It’s special here.

That’s what drew us here. Now under our new ownership, Greenhorn Ranch will continue to embrace ‘that feeling’ and help loyal families and newcomers experience the ranch lifestyle for years to come. We are on a mission to build new traditions through adventure and starry nights.




We offer something different to our guests. Service trumps everything else. That’s because we are welcoming them to experience our lifestyle. Ralph Wilburn embodied the spirit of a cowboy. Everything he did, he did in the name of love and when the ranch was passed to us, he requested this be the legacy he leave behind. We love it here and we want our guests to understand why. Everything we do, we do it for love.


This is the Western way. We are polite, we open doors, our guest is served first. We offer genuine hospitality at every turn. We do it with a smile. This is hard to come by in today’s world. We channel the warmth of yesteryear to welcome them into a new tradition. We aim to take care of every detail so they can relax. In order to help our guests have the most spectacular experience, we want them to feel at home here.

Get a Little Cowboy

We are on a mission to build new traditions through adventure and starry nights, both of which are out of the element for a majority of our guests. We need to be brave so they become braver. We need to show them what peak bagging is all about and inspire them to come back, to go farther next time, to ride harder, and to do more. We are here because we’re cowboys. We embrace the adventure.

At Greenhorn Ranch, Our family wants you to be a part of their family