Dining at Greenhorn Ranch

Hearty Western Fare and Plenty of It!

There’s always great selection of delicious food to eat when you stay with us… and that’s important because the mountain air and all that ridin' can sure make you hungry! Here’s just a sampling of what we serve:


• Crispy Bacon and fresh eggs

• Homemade biscuits and gravy

• Yogurt & Fruit Bar

• Fall off the bone BBQ pork ribs smothered in a savory finger lickin' barbeque sauce

• Sizzling Steaks - Grilled to perfection

• Juicy Hamburgers and hot dogs with all the fixin's

• Moist BBQ Chicken

• Sandwich/Soup/Taco Bar

• Stir Fry

• Salad Bar with fresh crisp veggies, a variety of toppings to excite your taste buds with your choice of dressing

• Seasonal Fresh Fruit

• Tantalizing, Homemade Desserts (cookies, brownies, cakes, etc) And for the kids…

• Chicken Fingers

• Hotdogs/Hamburgers

• Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwiches

• Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

• Pizza Bread

• A Variety of Homemade Pasta's


We serve three, family style meals in the Chuck house every day, unless we are hittin’ the trail to a lunch or dinner cook-out. (On cook out days you can take the wagon if you prefer not to ride.) Everyone eats together, including the staff and wranglers. We offer “kid friendly” foods and a salad bar in the Chuck house.  There’s also self-serve coffee, drinks, fruits and snacks throughout the day and evening. You can also purchase alcohol in the saloon to go with your meal. Finally, we personally accommodate special dietary needs of all our guests including vegetarian, vegan, gluten/wheat/lactose free and any specific food allergies or aversions.

We carefully document all special dietary requests for your safety.