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Wedding on the Ranch

Greenhorn Gang - Thursday, January 23, 2014

Arriving to the Ranch, mid morning, the day is filled with guests greeting one another with warm embraces and big smiles. The flurry of activity eventually gives way to late afternoon as the barbeque is lit, and the mouth-watering smell of seared beef drifts through the air. Small crowds begin to gather at the horseshoe pit, as they cheer one another on to win. As guests find their way to the patio, the rehearsal night of festivities is about to begin.

Tonight traditional cowboy faire will be served with smoked chicken and beef ribs so juicy the meat just falls off the bone. Sweet baked beans, tangy coleslaw and traditional cornbread with melted honey butter drip from the pan for guests to enjoy.

Before long, a bonfire is lit, and guests gather around to belt out their hilarious version of song. The night sky darkens revealing the myriad of stars shinning so ever brightly. It’s a glimpse of natural beauty at its finest that leaves guests awestruck with admiration.  For some, stars like this are only seen in fairy tale books. But here on the Ranch, every summer night looks like a story from an enchanted tale.

The music kicks up, and the Saloon is alive and jumping.  There is plenty of dancing, drinks and good times, laughter and music continue into the early hours of the night.

And then it’s daybreak, the Chuckouse clambers with hungry guests as they fill themselves with a hearty breakfast and cups of black coffee.  Staff scurries around the Ranch in anticipation of the big day. Even the horses in the corral can sense the excitement of the day as they bolt from each side of the enclosure.

Guest’s sit under the warmth of the High Sierra sun and eagerly await the bride and groom to take their vows. The air is thick with anticipation, in contrast to the setting which is and serene and tranquil. The open green ceremony site is filled with rows of little white chairs and adoring family and friends who have come to celebrate in professed love.

The wedding day is filled with love, and every detail has been carefully attended. From the tiny antique lavender glass bottles that hold the stems of pale pink country vine roses to the hand-made table cards etched in gold leaf with everyone’s name, wedding details have not been missed. Everything was perfectly placed upon the rows of wooden tables for their guests to enjoy.

Vows are said overlooking the pond as the groom holds his bride’s hand and first kiss is gloriously celebrated by the Running of the Horses, as the raw power of sixty unbridled horses release from the corral to run. Tears of joy and love flow from every eye.

As the horse drawn wagon whisks the bride and groom away to the reception, the party begins. Pictures rapidly snap, as the Ranch with its authentic rustic western buildings becomes the perfect backdrop for wedding photos.

Guests sit at tables draped with lace cloth and set china. White lights hang in the nearby pine trees and the strum of a classic guitarist can be heard in the distance.

Dinner is served as guests delight with each bite of tender Porterhouse steak topped with buttered mushrooms. With so many tasty side dishes, guests ponder over which one to take first. In lieu of a traditional wedding cake, the bride has chosen individual cupcakes; each filled luscious butter cream, red raspberry and chocolate mousse. Grandly displayed upon multiple five tier ornate trays, the cupcakes look like the crowning glory of the ball.

Again the music plays, and under the perfect starry night the wedding party rejoices. The groom takes his wife in his arms for the first time to slowly sway. This is the end to a new beginning, and the happily ever after from a perfect wedding at Greenhorn Guest Ranch.

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