Greenhorn Round Up

Through My Eyes

Trish Wilburn - Wednesday, June 18, 2014

It’s early morning at the ranch. I breathe in the fresh mountain air and smile as our ranch dogs, Josie and Trooper, excitedly run across the dew-kissed lawn. Birds sing cheeerfully in the towering trees as squirrels scurry about their busy day. The clear, cool water runs down the creek. It’s the start of a new day.

Ralph heads off to the pasture to begin his day, as I start my morning rounds.  As I enter the Chuckhouse, the smell of fresh brewed coffee, home potatoes and sausage fill the air. The kitchen staff is busy preparing breakfast for our guests and wranglers.

As I make my way to the dancehall, I spot a mother goose and her clutch swimming on the pond as trout jump out of the water. The sun comes up over the mountain, as I hear hoof beats in the distance. I gaze across the pond, and see our heard of horses running down from evening pasture, each one proudly displaying their beauty.

Guests vacationing gather for breakfast, some children are still in their pajamas and greet me with sleepy smiles. The chuckhouse quickly fills with chatter.

As the guests make their way down to the corral, the wranglers hand them the lead rope of the horse they will  ride. I watch as the children anxiously run down to the corral, they’re excited to find out what type of horse they’ll ride; a paint horse, a white horse, a black horse, or maybe even an Appaloosa.

Later in the afternoon, when all the fishing, volleyball and horseshoe games have come to an end, I hear the clang of the large barbecue lid echo across the ranch. Soon, the savory smell of grilling ribs and fresh, crisp vegetables fill the summer air.  

Everyone gathers in the dancehall, ready for the evening frog races. While the boys have no problem holding their frogs in their hands, the girls are squealing at the thought of even touching the veteran racers. The bidding is done and off they go; Lightning, Speedy, Zoe and Champ.

As the night’s activities come to a close, I look around at all the smiling faces, laughter, the pitter patter of children playing, and I smile: a smile of genuine happiness and pride. It’s a feeling that is hard to describe. It’s at these times that I feel so blessed to have the privilege to spend my days in this beautiful place that I call home.

It’s times like these when I step back and realize how much we take for granted everyday; from the rain and snow that provides water for our fields and streams, fresh, crisp mountain air, to the loving faces of our friends and families. These are the things that I am thankful for, and that make every moment here at Greenhorn Creek Guest Ranch a memory that lasts a lifetime.   


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