Greenhorn Round Up

The Taste of Greenhorn Ranch

Greenhorn Gang - Monday, June 15, 2015

There is something about fresh air and the great outdoors that work up your appetite. This holds especially true when you’ve spent a day riding, roping, and playing hard at the ranch.

And nothing, absolutely nothing hits the spot more than traditional cowboy faire prepared by the Greenhorn wranglers themselves. The best part, you don’t have to be a ranch guest to get a taste when you join the gang for the Friday night barbeque specials. In other words, anyone can rustle up this grub.

When the dinner bell rings, you better come running because here’s what’s cookin’: hickory-smoked ribs that fall from the bone, barbequed chicken and salmon kabobs, traditional coleslaw and potato salad, garlic bread and the cowboy staple – ranch beans.


It’s a cookout experience under the starry sky and roaring bonfire, complete with western folk music, and good old-fashioned conversation.

For events at the ranch, the cowboy faire ranges from classic comfort to simple elegance with entrée options like herb-crusted jumbo shrimp and roasted maple-apple pork loin. Sides, salads, breads, and desserts galore are offered in an array of delicious selections at the ranch.

Weddings and group events have many dining options with varying price points to fit any budget. Take a gander and see just what might whet your appetite.

As an authentic western ranch getaway, Greenhorn Creek Guest Ranch truly has all of the wonderful things that make for tasty memories

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