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Greenhorn Nana’s Holiday Recipe - Raspberry Jello

Greenhorn Gang - Monday, November 23, 2015
Straight from the mixing bowl of Greenhorn Nana’s kitchen comes this good old fashion recipe that is sure to delight this holiday season. This month, Greenhorn Nana features raspberry jello, an oldie, but goodie. A traditional comfort food to celebrate loved ones and holiday cheer this season.
This raspberry jello recipe is a refreshing throw back to the kind of dishes your grandmother used to make, just like Greenhorn Nana. So add a little raspberry sparkle to your table this holiday with this raspberry jello recipe.
2 (6 oz.) Raspberry Jello Mixes
2 Cups boiling water
1 (10 oz.) Package of frozen raspberries
1 (16 oz.) Jar of apple sauce
8 oz. Container of sour cream
2 Cups of miniature marshmallows
Mix all ingredients together except sour cream and marshmallows. Let mixture set until firm, then mix sour cream and marshmallows together. Spread sour cream – marshmallow mixture onto the top of the jello mixture. Serve and enjoy!

For those who know her, Greenhorn Nana is a vital force on the Ranch, overseeing everything from room set up in the lodge to cookie “sampling” in the kitchen. Under Greenhorn Nana’s watch, absolutely nothing goes unnoticed or unattended around the Ranch. Her love for cooking has inspired her to share a series of recipes that she has personally prepared and enjoyed over a lifetime as a mother, grandmother and wife.


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