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Equine-Guided Leadership and Team Building Program

Horse EncounterA reflective program to discover your own authentic leadership style. The Equine-Guided Leadership Program at Greenhorn Ranch will impact your ability to lead teams and achieve organizational goals.


It is our philosophy that to effectively lead others you must know where our own personal power is derived, and how it is used to empower others to achieve organizational goals.


What you will learn:

• Gain valuable insight into emotional and social intelligence and its impact on your personal leadership ability, relationships and team productivity

• Generate effective and loyal followership; inspire commitment

• Recognize and respect your intuition

• Build effective relationships with individuals and in and among teams

• Gain perspective on your personal power position and develop strategies for leveraging your role in a group to optimize overall team performance


Level II Program

Once you have completed the Equine-Guided Leadership and Team building Program, follow-up with the Level II Program. This is an opportunity for intensive follow-up programs and workshops that are based on initial program outcomes.


Equine Group ChatWhat you will discover:

• Diagnostic follow up sessions delving deeper into

     o situational leadership

     o problem solving

     o conflict resolution

• Work with specific teams and groups

     o roles and relationships

     o effective team development


All Level II programs are based specifically on Level I outcomes aligned to organizational goals. For both programs, no horse experience is required, and we do not ride the horses, all the work is done “on the ground.”


The Program: Both the Equine-Guided Leadership and Level II Program are three-day workshops that include: Three nights lodging, eight meals, and equine workshops.


Availability: Mid-week workshops only, available May, September and October. Required Minimum: 5 people minimum, 15 people maximum. Groups larger than 15 must be prearranged in advance.



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