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Ranch Overview - DRA Member

Greenhorn RanchGreenhorn Creek Ranch is a Proud Member of the Dude Ranchers Association

In the late 1800’s, dude ranches were working ranches that offered lodgings and a friendly experience to passing travelers. As guests began to appreciate the warm hospitality offered, traveling to a dude ranch became more of a planned event, rather than just a wayward happenstance. As public interest and awareness increased, a new industry was born – Dude Ranching. The Dude Ranchers’ Association (DRA) was founded in 1926 to protect and develop this industry. That is because dude ranching is more than just a vacation experience; it is way of life unique to western traditions and history. The DRA is recognized as the premier professional organization for dude and guest ranches, and has set exceptionally stringent operating, guest services, stock management, and safety standards for member ranches as a way of ensuring the best possible care and experience for guests (and horses).


Approximately 109 ranches currently meet DRA standards and are members. To be accepted as a member requires an extensive evaluation process including an on-site inspection by the DRA of a candidate ranch’s operations.


Greenhorn Creek Guest Ranch is proud to be one of only two ranches in California that has met DRA requirements and has become a full DRA member.


Horse and ColtWhat It Takes To Become A DRA Member Ranch


•Your ranch must be horse oriented

•You must be able to accommodate all riders

•You must offer western riding instruction

•Your stock must be well cared for

•Your equipment in good operating condition

•You must exemplify the western ranch atmosphere

•Your accommodations must be clean & comfortable

•You must pass an on-sight inspection from the DRA

•You must pass a one year probationary period

•You must pass a previous guest interview process




Western hospitality at its best